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Cute Photo Slideshow Free Version 1.2

Simple free tool to produce good-quality slideshows using your digital photos (See all)

Cute Photo Slideshow is an excellent tiny free tool that creates good-quality videos out of your photo collection, complete with audio and pro-looking transitions. The resulting videos allow for a good level of customization, and can be saved in either Flash format (both FLV and SWF) or as an MP4, WMV, or MOV file.

Unlike many other “free tools” out there, this free slideshow creation tool actually works. Besides, its interface is so simple and intuitive that you will find yourself creating rewarding video presentations in no time. When it comes to the image formats supported, JPG seems to be the program’s absolute favorite, though BMP is also supported. As for the output video, the formats available will allow you to create compact and light Flash videos that you can then easily make part of your own web pages.

The final appearance of the video file allows for a certain level of customization on your part. Thus, you can select your preferred frame size (from 128x96 to 1280x960), video bit rate (up to 1500 kbps), and frame rate, as well as the delay (in seconds) of both the photos and the transition effects. Finally, you can add an audio file to your final presentation, and adjust its sample rate (up to CD quality) and the number of channels to be used.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Produces good-quality results with minimum of fuss
  • Simple creation process with quick rewarding results
  • Allows you to add your favorite music to your videos


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